Online safety is about staying safe on the internet. Internet enabled devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and phones offer lots of amazing opportunities but also present risks if they are not used appropriately and safely.

Children always seem to be one step ahead of adults, so it can be an area where is it tricky for parents to support and supervise. Why not click on the link below to visit the parent info site which has lots of great ideas for how to keep your children safe online.

In school we proactively filter the content of the internet to ensure that children are not exposed to anything inappropriate. If you are a customer of BT, TalkTalk, Sky or Virgin Media you can follow this guide to set up parental controls on your internet access

Internet safety tips for kids

Want to know more about staying safe on the internet? Thinkuknow is a well respected education programme with resources, videos and games for children of all ages to help them to think about their online profile, presence and safety.

CEOP also produce this video for KS2 which delivers a start message about sharing your personal details online

Tips for parents

All of the links below lead to further helpful information for parents

If you are worried about a particular incidence of online sexual abuse or inappropriate contact, please click on the link below to report it to an Online Child Protection Advisor.