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Welcome to year 1/2, we are the Badgers and are pleased to welcome you to our class!

We currently have a class of 23 super engaged, curious Year 2 Badgers .

We are all ready to follow our school vision.

We are learning to:

Be learning leaders (Be Ready and Be Kind)

Be Articulate Adventurers (Be Curious)

Be Global Guardians (Be Safe and Responsible)

Summer  Term

Spring Term

The children in the Badger class have been working incredibly hard this spring term, learning about a range of fascinating topics. With a focus on Magnificent Monarchs, the children have been delving into the lives of significant figures such as Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, and Queen Elizabeth II. This topic has also been intertwined with our art lessons, where the children have explored the theme of Portrait and Poses.

In our science lessons, the children have been investigating everyday materials and plants. This exploration has provided them with a hands-on understanding of the properties and uses of various materials, as well as an insight into the amazing world of plants.

Mathematics has been a key area of focus this term, covering a range of topics including money, multiplication and division, length and height, capacity, fractions, and time. Through practical activities and problem-solving tasks, the children have developed their mathematical skills and applied them to real-life situations.

Our English lessons this term have centred around traditional fairy tales. The children have not only read and analysed classic stories but have also had the opportunity to create their own sequels to familiar tales. This has enabled them to showcase their creativity and develop their writing skills. To support their literacy development, we have continued to encourage the love of reading by implementing the Little Wandle bridge to spelling program and emphasising fluency during guided and independent reading sessions. We also request parents and carers to continue reading aloud to their children, as this invaluable practice aids in their overall learning progress.

Outdoor learning remains an integral part of our curriculum, with initiatives such as Woodland school and the daily mile allowing the children to experience nature and engage in physical activity. Furthermore, we have incorporated outdoor elements into other curriculum lessons, providing a holistic learning experience for our students.

During physical education  lessons this term, the focus has been on gymnastics and dance. The children have been mastering various gymnastic skills and exploring different dance styles, fostering their physical coordination and artistic expression.

We are currently in the planning stages of organising a trip to Colchester Castle, which will greatly enhance our topic learning. This exciting opportunity will allow the children to immerse themselves in history and gain a deeper understanding of the Magnificent Monarchs they have been studying.

In the coming weeks, we will be hosting sharing learning afternoons, where the children will have the chance to showcase their achievements and knowledge to parents and carers. We greatly appreciate your continued support in your child's education journey.

For regular updates on the children's learning, please do not forget to check Class Dojo. We 

believe that a strong home-school partnership is essential in nurturing successful learners.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support. Together, we can ensure a fulfilling and enriching spring term for the Badger class.

Autumn Term

The Badgers have been so engaged with their learning this term and have all been super role models for the younger children in Key Stage 1.  They are consistently following their Shotley Bee's and following our schools ethos.  They have enjoyed taking our class Badger home who loves having stories read to him!

Learning Overviews

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