Our Curriculum Vision

Our children experience a curriculum that is inclusive, creative and challenging.  Many of our subjects are connected under the umbrella of a termly topic. Through our curriculum drivers we aim to shape Global Guardians, Learning Leaders and Articulate Adventurers who are able to achieve their potential academically, socially and emotionally ensuring they become ambitious and life-long learners. We use our school values the Shotley B's (Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Curious, Be Kind, Be Ready) throughout all lessons to allow children the opportunities to demonstrate and acknowledge these skills.  

Year Group Long term Planning 

EYFS Long Term overview year 2022 2023.docx

EYFS Curriculum

Zebras Long Term overview year 2022 2023.docx

Year 1/2 Curriculum

Year 2.3 Long Term overview 2022 2023.docx

Year 2/3 Curriculum

Year 3/4

Kestrels Curriculum long term plan.docx
Long term overview Y5 2022 2023.docx

Year 5 Curriculum

Copy of y6 Long Term overview year 2022 2023

Year 6 Curriculum