Pupil Councils

Pupil Councils

Eco Council

Every week the Eco-club empty our recycling bins, place fruit and vegetable waste in the compost bin, take part in the RSPB Birdwatch and take part in a range of assemblies involving topics such as fair trade, or being wise about our energy use. Mrs Sheern leads the group of children from each class, voted by the children.
Spring 2018
The eco-council continue to meet on a weekly basis and they have been involved in providing winter food for the birds in our garden, birdwatching from our new hide, and recycling our paper.


£8 000 secured for environmental garden improvements.
At the end of 2016, we were awarded a grant from Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’ scheme. Named Project Greenfinch, the project won shoppers votes and we are now able to implement the following improvements:
  • New bird hide.
  • Adjacent open ‘classroom area’ to study nature and wildlife.
  • Raised vegetable and herb plots.
  • Meadow management near to the pond.
  • New planting in the Millennium Garden to create a ‘sensory’ experience.
  • Installation of bird and bat boxes around the school grounds with cameras linked to school.
The Eco- Council are keeping an interested eye on developments and recording the progress, which has been much aided by Ian Peters, a local wildlife expert, and Rob Boast who is a governor and a landscape designer .Here are some images of the very start of the work.

School Council

The school council is designed to give pupils a voice. In our meetings we discuss issues/ideas about school life that have been raised in our class assemblies. These are then discussed with the staff at staff meetings.The school council also discusses how to raise money to support different charities throughout the year. These have included : The Poppy Appeal, Children in Need, Harvest Donations, Sports Relief and Diabetes UK.
Spring 2018
The school council helped organise what we did for Children in Need, and now they will be helping to bring together ideas from their classes for a school code of conduct. They continue to feed back to the council any issues that classes arise.
May 2017
The school council have spent time thinking about ways in which we can improve playtimes. One of the suggestions given to staff is to have a seasonal calendar showing which areas can be used around the year, including the spinney and Millennium garden. In the summer we have a lot of space, but it becomes trickier in the winter.

Active Council

The Active Council meets to decide on how well lunch and play times are going: do children need more equipment, or different activities led? They also bring back ideas about clubs and activities that the children might want to see happening in school, along with how we participate in Sports Relief, which inter-house competitions to run, and how sports day might be improved.
March 2018
Our new job for the council is to hand out a questionnaire to classes so that we can find out how much sport and exercise the children outside of school. This will help us identify how many children may not be participating in sport or activity, and therefore, give us a focus on how we can continue on improving our grounds and break time activities.
After that, they will help support our Sport Relief efforts.
October 2017
Our new councillors met for the first time today: the children have chosen fluted trophies to purchase for the inter house tournaments- silver for Key Stage2 and gold for Key Stage 1.
They are going to ask their classes what they would like to see around the daily mile course. Suggestions were given and the children will be given pictures of possible obstacles and trim trail items to take to their classes.
May 2017
Thank you to everyone who donated Activ Kids vouchers last year. We have filled our playtime box full of the equipment we received and we are now busy using the equipment every play time.