Author: Anna Sterling

Residential Trip

Day 2 cond

Hi all! So you can see breakfast here, also with cereal, toast and fruit.

This was a filling start to the day.

And then a BIG long day of activities and lots to do. Images will appear gradually as the internet does not seem to want me to unload a lot of photos at once.

We are tired, but that hasn’t stopped the climbing, fencing, rafting, canoeing, blind trailing, and rifles. We had a few stars on the way – we have a shooter who beat the coach, and some wonderful communicators in blind trail. The catering team has commented how our school’s children always use their manners at the canteen – every single one. Meals have been interesting – your children HAVE been fed well but some have not chosen to take up the offers. Some have realised that they can only eat three times a day and made the most of everything and piled up their plates.  Last night we had birthday cake for Elliot’s birthday – he was very surprised! He had another piece tonight and made everyone jealous along the way. Our children have been playing with the school in the next block – kicking a ball over the fence to each other, and they are from a special school and our children have been wonderful with them.

A good day – but please pray for sleep…

Residential Trip

Day 2

Hi all,

That was an interesting night!

Year 5 and 6 boys above me finally drifted off at 11.30 – not bad! They are right above me and the walls, built in the 80s, are paper thin as are the floors. I was glad of that.

Then at half 2 in the morning I hear thumping and banging – it wasn’t the boys, it was Year 5 girls in Ms Tower’s section (Ms Towers has a bathroom and corridor between her and them and was oblivious)! They couldn’t sleep, and lights were on and they were in and out! Ms Hazleton also got woken up at half 12 in the morning by Year 6 girls because they couldn’t sleep. And the other Year 5 boys shifted rooms around as the sleepers wanted to avoid the talkers. So quite a busy night!

Here are some photos of the morning:


Residential Trip

Day 1 so far

The children have had a wonderful start to the Norfolk Lakes adventure. All children have done one activity – seen here: Everyone took part.


Supper was lasagne, kiev or gammon. Some chose not to eat the veg – think that may not last as energy expenditure is huge!

They are currently on orienteering and fencing. That finishes at 8.30pm and bed is at 9pm (well,  they are in their dorms then!)

We are all very excited! Further news in the morning.